Yes! I Can Throw a Party

Harmonium 2014 with The DuPont Brothers, Heather Maloney and Darlingside

Harmonium 2014 with The DuPont Brothers, Heather Maloney and Darlingside

Have we got the experience for you.

Host a Wicked Cool House Concert and you'll open a door to some exciting new singer-songwriters and bands who tour the world, loving what they do and wanting to share their creative expression with other music lovers. They don't need much:  an audience right in your living room and a few bucks for travel; sometimes a clean room to sleep, a decent dinner and breakfast and a bit of conversation.
It's not hard - take a baby step. You won't regret it.

- Mike and Nani

NHPR Radio Spot

Heather Maloney 2013 interview with Wicked Cool Music / The Big Room mention
Heather Maloney 2013
interview with a little mention
of The Big Room!

"I became aware of this festival thanks to Will Dailey. Having seen him in Lowell last summer opening for Delta Rae, I was wondering where he was playing. I checked his website and saw this gig at the big room in Barrington. I figured  it was a bar and drove out to show my support. I was not prepared for what the big room actually is.  I had driven an hour to hear his music so I went in. I realized I had stepped into something special and unique.

What I noticed right away was the multi-generational make up of the audience which you definitely don't see in a bar."

-Brett, Manchester NH


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This is how we got started. If you want to begin hosting these small, beautiful shows, this is a great starting place. It's no cost to the host. 

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