What's This All About Anyway?

The Ghost of Paul Revere 2016

What is The Big Room

When our house was being built our garage was supposed to be at the same level as the rest of our first floor.  Due to the layout of the property the builder offered to put the garage in our basement and give us the "bonus" room for free.  We had no idea what we would use a 23' x 23' room for, but of course said "Yes!".  The universe was way ahead of us!

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a community-driven way to share great music and support amazing artists at a grass roots level.

How Can I Host a House Concert?

You invite all your friends to join you at your house for some music.  Everyone brings some money for the artists, a dish for a potluck so you get to share some delicious food, too.  Commune with each other, then listen to music.  The artists might stay the night, if you can do that, then head off to their next gig in the morning.

How much should we donate?

You should donate whatever you feel comfortable donating.  $15 a person or $40 a family, buy a CD or two.  The artist gets 100% of the donations.  If you are tight on cash, please come and enjoy the music anyway... it'll give you some relief from the day-to-day when you can just enjoy the music and some company.

Why should we participate?

Making a living in the music business is tough.  Road-weary artists count on house concerts as an intimate setting to share their music and make a few bucks, so they can continue to do what they love.  Wicked Cool loves Music - so it's a natural fit.  It's why we started this site. Besides, it is inspiring to see singer-songwriters doing everything they can to make their dreams a reality!

What Should I Expect? Do I have to reserve tickets now?

Due to limitations on parking and space in The Big Room we're going to limit the number of people who can attend to 50.  We take pre-donations through PayPal:  it's easy and you can use a credit card... Also, if attendance is expected to be high, pre-donating guarantees you first access to a spot.

We will start with a pot luck at 6:30 PMMusic will start around 7:45 PM.  The artist(s) will play two sets of about 30-40 minutes each with a 15 minute merch break in the middle.  The music should end around 10-ish. There will be a merch table where you can buy CDs and other schwag.  We look forward to seeing all of you!

- Mike & Nani


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This is how we got started. If you want to begin hosting these small, beautiful shows, this is a great starting place. It's no cost to the host. 

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