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October 29, 2017 - The Big Room Grassroots Music Series is officially on hiatus. Thanks to everyone who became a part of our community.
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Dwight & Nicole [ October 28, 2017 ]

Dwight & Nicole [ October 28, 2017 ]

Singers Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson are both well known on the East Coast for their soulful voices, and in this band, they clearly enjoy trading off singing leads, and then backing each other up with harmonies & shouts. He plays masterful electric guitar, and she lays down deep grooves on the bass. 
“Nicole has a gift far and beyond what most people have.” –Adam Levine, The Voice
“Nicole's voice is like a mother's love.” –Cee Lo Green, The Voice
“There are good voices and then there are great voices. Nicole Nelson is definitely the latter.” –Christina Aguilera
 read more ...

GoldenOak at Sue's Space Rollinsford [ Sep 30 2017 ]

GoldenOak at Sue's Space Rollinsford [ Sep 30 2017 ]

GoldenOak is BACK by popular demand! Hailed as one of the best we have ever presented, they are offering discounted tickets and CDs through a pre-sale link. This is the only time you'll be able to get their latest album before the official launch in October.
Join us at our newest performance space in the Rollinsford Mill - it's a brilliant, open but intimate theater that breathes life into the independent local artists who want to share their creative works without judgment. So, they created Sue's as a membership-driven cooperative. read more ...

Harmonium Music Fest 4  [ July 1 2017 ]

Harmonium Music Fest 4 [ July 1 2017 ]

Bringin' it back to the maple grove at Rock Maple Woods in Strafford - the venue we built inside the maples for HFest2. This is an all-day, pack in/pack out, family-friendly affair with some great food and drinks. Limited guest camping (ask for an invite) to be part of the artist after party acoustic jam session. This event has a killer hospitality area for a few extra dollars, but you can also bring your own - just make sure you plan to clean it up after. Sign up for an invite at read more ...

Colbis the Creature [ APRIL 29, 2017 rescheduled ]

Colbis the Creature [ APRIL 29, 2017 rescheduled ]

Notes that have been plucked from the ether and stream of consciousness word play. Blended in the turbulent underground of Boston’s shifting music scene, four young men emerge as a single sound known as Colbis the Creature. Predominantly forging songs with a solid rock texture and pop-flavored coating, this fusion emotes memories of favorite songs - and you have no idea why. This self-titled album (Colbis the Creature) is infectious and lingers long after with melodic hooks and odd imagery.

"Hit play on the absolutely infectious aural gem “Tonight.” If that doesn’t move you, nothing will. You’ll be incapable of skipping to another track because it’s evident you’re without a pulse." - Chris Hislop, EDGE Mag read more ...

Kid Coyote [ MAR 25 2017 ]

Kid Coyote [ MAR 25 2017 ]

Kid Coyote is the musical brain-child of musicians Clara Berry and Joe O'Neill. The two met in college when O'Neill asked Berry to sing on an arrangement of Radiohead's 'Nude' for a percussion group. O'Neill then joined Berry's existing band, Clara Berry and Wooldog. As time went on the musical dynamic between them grew into an undeniable personal dynamic, and eventually they moved in together.

The name Kid Coyote represents the collaborative nature of their music-making and a departure from Berry's singer-songwriter style. Berry's silky vocals, indie-inspired melodies and electronic riffs root themselves in O'Neill's acoustic grooves bringing their sound somewhere between alt-pop and electro-pop. Lyrically the subject matter runs the gamut but, says Berry, "the words need to fit the music".

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The Freestones [ FEB 25 2017 ]

The Freestones [ FEB 25 2017 ]

This is our Season 7 blow-the-house-down, shake-off-the-winter-doldrums event. Every year, February has been the show that people GET to... Commune with us and feel the love of this dynamic band. 

GoldenOak [ NOV 19 2016 ]

GoldenOak [ NOV 19 2016 ]

From the foothills of Western Maine comes GoldenOak, a folk group whose genre-blending tendencies have them steadily emerging as a musical force in New England. Conceived in the winter of 2013 by Singer-Songwriter Zak Kendall and cellist Seth Wegner, they were quick to join forces with Kendall's sister Lena, whose voice blends with the hum of the cello and guitar to create a sound that resonates deep within. More recently, they have teamed up with their good friend Eloise Schultz, who Zak and Seth met while studying at College of the Atlantic, and who gives their songs yet another set of layers with her soaring trumpet and vocal harmonies. Named one of Maine's "rising artists" by the Nova Design Group, they just released their debut album, "Pleasant St." and have performed throughout the greater New England Area sharing their music.

Mother Superior and The Sliding Royales [ OCT 22 2016 ]

Mother Superior and The Sliding Royales [ OCT 22 2016 ]

Mother Superior and The Sliding Royals don't just perform as a soul band they perform as a soul experience. They're bringing you the sound of both classic and modern that will make you feel like you've been transported to an exciting hybrid of Detroit and New Orleans.

MoSup want you to take a trip with them to the deepest parts of yourself and explore the world of soul through their stirring and powerful sounds. Fronted by Taylor O'Donnell and supported by some New Hampshire's most talented, Mother Superior and the Sliding Royales are more than just a live performance, they're a soulful reawakening.

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The DuPont Brothers with Dan Blakeslee [ SEP 23 2016 ]

The DuPont Brothers with Dan Blakeslee [ SEP 23 2016 ]

This CD release show for The DuPonts is a last-minute move from Portsmouth, Birdseye Lounge (sadly, closing). We don't normally have an opener, but Dan Blakeslee is a legend in New England and it's real treat to have him grace our room with his magnificence.
Please welcome back The DuPont Brothers!
This show is on a FRIDAY, so we are skipping potluck and hope you will take your time getting here from work, bringYOB and decompress in The Big Room with us. read more ...

Harmonium Music and Arts Fest 3

Harmonium Music and Arts Fest 3

Harmonium Fest is a celebration of local food and drink, community groups and artists, surrounded by regional music that is well worth your entire day. Family-friendly.
Parsonsfield / Will Dailey / GoldenOak / The DuPont Brothers / Rabbit in the Rye / The Reconstructed / The Coteries / Colbis the Creature / Kid Coyote plus solo artists and more. read more ...

Haunt the House  [ MAR 26 2016 ]

Haunt the House [ MAR 26 2016 ]

Haunt the House, (Will Houlihan) falls somewhere between a bedroom whispered heart broken prayer and a brilliant repentant cry in the dark. He consistently writes songs that are simple and personal.

 read more ...

Ghost of Paul Revere  [ FEB 27 2016 ]

Ghost of Paul Revere [ FEB 27 2016 ]

These Mainers harmonize in holler-folk and will keep you tapping your toes and singing out loud along with them. If you had the good fortune to see and hear them at last summer's Harmonium Fest, then this is the time to come back for more. read more ...

George Woods  [NOV 21 2015]

George Woods [NOV 21 2015]

A producer, front and sideman, George Woods has been a staple force in the Boston Music Scene for over 7 years. Currently the lead singer and songwriter in Soul Pop band "Proper Company", George is working on a side project with seasoned Producer Peter Holland-Recine based in Los Angeles. read more ...

Strangled Darlings  [OCT 24 2015]

Strangled Darlings [OCT 24 2015]

Jess and George met at party in 2009, with their spontaneous duet of the Prince song, "Pussy Control". Soon after that they formed a band around a principle of originality and ruthless editing of their work. The name of the band draws inspiration from southern author William Faulkner who would tell his writing students that 'sometimes in writing you must "strangle your darlings' (Darlingside's name is from this same sentiment).
Please welcome, all the way form Portland, Oregon... read more ...

Liz Frame and The Kickers  [SEP 26 2015]

Liz Frame and The Kickers [SEP 26 2015]

Liz Frame wrote her first song at age nine, and has been performing her own brand of rootsy Americana music since her early teens. She spent her childhood listening to the artists her parents loved – Jimmie Rogers, The Weavers, B.B. King, Elvis Presley – to name just a few, absorbing their sounds and ultimately allowing them to influence her own. At fourteen she picked up the guitar and has been hooked on the process of making music ever since.
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Harmonium Music Fest II  (June 13, 2015)

Harmonium Music Fest II (June 13, 2015)

We are planning this in secret with many elves and woodland creatures in the woods near Blue Job Mountain. Sign up to get notified and/or connect with our Facebook event pageread more ...

Will Dailey  [March 28, 2015]

Will Dailey [March 28, 2015]

When we first saw videos of Will on the Internets, we were floored. So much soul and depth to his songwriting that we fell in love with the man behind the music. And then we met him at one of his shows and found out he's just as real as any man, but with a creative desire to weave the unspoken truths around our human experiences - in song.
Welcome Will on his very long year of CD-release parties for National Throat, and maybe, just maybe, we'll get that cover of Billie Jean for the bootlegs. read more ...

Soggy Po Boys  [February 21, 2015]

Soggy Po Boys [February 21, 2015]

OK, so a Soggy Po Boy doesn't sound very appetizing, and I think that's what these guys had in mind.
"New Orleans Jazz. Served Messy." isn't just their tagline, it's the brilliant truth behind the mastercrafting of old-time jazz and gospel songs into a soup of  what's-in-that-gumbo? It's like stepping back in time to the days when a 9-piece band was the norm and each musician could phase in and out effortlessly with horns wailing and solos flailing.

Residing in Seacoast, New Hampshire, the Po’ Boys have been honing their craft every Tuesday night, first at the late Barley Pub, and now at Sonny’s Tavern – both in the band’s hometown of Dover.


The Ballroom Thieves  [December 13, 2014]

The Ballroom Thieves [December 13, 2014]

Happily, happily posting this "pop-up" show, inserted within the boundaries of Thanksgiving and Christmas... because it was the only time they could play The Big Room! Step back from the hectic transition of the winter holidays to re-infuse the lost pieces of yourself and have an experience you will not forget! The Ballroom Thieves are on their way up and will remind you that it's bands like this that shatter the popular music ceiling with quiet bravado and soulful, stripped down dynamics - not unlike The Lumineers and still uniquely worth a place in your heart. Thank you, Darlingside, for the recommendation and thank you Thieves for making time in your schedule. read more ...

The DuPont Brothers  [November 22, 2014]

The DuPont Brothers [November 22, 2014]

The universal energies have aligned once again to bring The DuPont Brothers back to fill in for Tall Heights who had to cancel because of an opportunity to play a great festival ( we fully support this move!).  The boys just happened to be staying here anyway...
Please welcome Sam and Zack DuPont, from Burlington VT, and if you have not the time on Saturday, perhaps you should check them out, on Mike's 50th birthday, the Friday night before (11/21) at The Press Room in Portsmouth, where they are supporting Tom Schena' new project. read more ...

Rabbit in the Rye  [October 25, 2014]

Rabbit in the Rye [October 25, 2014]

rab·bit·in·the·rye [ˈræbɪt ɪn thuh rahy]
n. of the family leporidae; poetic and ominous, progressive folk rock

Rabbit in the Rye is a progressive folk rock trio from Hamilton, NY. Joseph Mettler on guitar and harmonica, Alexander Lavon on bass, and Brendan O'Connor on percussion and mandolin. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: This is Mike's favorite music right now! And, to be honest, he is not prone to wild, fanciful tastes in music like me... so, if you are as impressed as I am with this, please join us!

 read more ...

Zak Trojano  [September 27, 2014]

Zak Trojano [September 27, 2014]

Zak is more fun than a solo artist has a right to be. He's smart, wonderfully talented and has a voice you will not soon forget.
If you missed him a while ago, or his band Rusty Belle last Fall, do make sure you get some 'sperience with him in The Big Room - new stories, new music.
Please welcome Zak back for a third time! read more ...

Backyard Jam with Rising Appalachia  [July 12, 2014]

Backyard Jam with Rising Appalachia [July 12, 2014]

I don't know what to say... Last year, I said, "wouldn't it be amazing to be able to see Rising Appalachia" since we missed out when they opened for Xavier Rudd in 2013 in Portland?
And lately, Universal forces have been pretty sweet to us. An incredible season, then Harmonium just kind of happened. And now this. I'm floored that this community responds to the artists that come here in this way and humbled that they respect our taste in music enough to come back again and again.
This journey is more personal for me. Sisters Leah and Chloe are activists whose words, rhythms and harmonics resonate deeply for me in a way that makes me want to be a better human. read more ...

Harmonium Fest 2014 - Heather Maloney & Darlingside with The DuPont Brothers [June 1, 2014]

Harmonium Fest 2014 - Heather Maloney & Darlingside with The DuPont Brothers [June 1, 2014]

OK, OK... so maybe it seems like we have a thing for Heather Maloney... well, WE DO! She's incredible and a beautiful person to share space with, especially when she's doing that singer/songwriter thing up close and personal.
Now that Heather and Darlingside (another band crush) are mixing it up and have released a new EP together with for March (on Signature Sounds), they asked for a special date in June, which we NEVER do... until now. And are also bringing along The DuPont Brothers from VT.
Please join us for a very special show, relaxed in the backyard on a sunny afternoon. We'll fire up the BBQ, so bring something to eat (optional), your camp chairs or blankets and enjoy a couple hours of amazing music you won't find anywhere else. read more ...

Om It Now: Sound Mandala Healing Journey [May 25, 2014]

Om It Now: Sound Mandala Healing Journey [May 25, 2014]

Spring is in full swing now!  The plants and trees are waking to the the longer and warmer days, the song birds are returning from their winter retreats and even the "Yard Sale" signs are starting to surface here and there.  Tis' the season for Spring Cleaning, opening up the windows and moving the clutter from home and yard.  A clean space is refreshing and rejuvenating, especially when it is overdue and can be a great benefit to our health and wellbeing!  While a big part of our focus this time of year is on the outer physical level, it is very important to to clean out and to maintain our inner space as well! 

 read more ...

Martin England and The Reconstructed [March 29, 2014]

Martin England and The Reconstructed [March 29, 2014]

Sit down and hush up!

Martin England is back and full of new music. Packed into a tiny triangle in The Big Room, these guys will smack you in the face with some ruckus rockin' folk and then kiss your face better with some moody murder ballads.
Bring your best friends and some delicious beverages and enjoy an intimate night with these fabulous musicians. read more ...

Darlingside [Saturday, November 23, 2013]

Darlingside [Saturday, November 23, 2013]

All we can say at the moment is that this band is impressive and HIGHLY recommended by other musicians. We are proud to have them grace our place and bring their gorgeous sound to our listening community. This is a non-percussion, strings and vocal incident to raise your vibration.
Mike and I were able to check them our recently and have come to the conclusion that the UNIVERSE LOVES US! How else to describe how these amazing acts keep coming to our house...? 
Darlingside has a brand new CD - so bring some cash and let it flow~

 read more ...

Rusty Belle [Saturday October 26, 2013]

Rusty Belle [Saturday October 26, 2013]

Roots-Rock Junk-Folk

That's what we're talkin' about! There is no one way to define the music coming out of the hearts and minds of today's artists - and Rusty Belle may be one of the MOST unique bands around today. At least those who would come and play in our Big Room.
Please stop in and enjoy the company of good folks, good food and the humble brilliance of this trio.
This is a CD-release show, so bring some extra dough! read more ...

Marina Evans  [Saturday, September 28, 2013]

Marina Evans [Saturday, September 28, 2013]

Marina is in the studio recording her first full-length album.

While her artistic career got its start at Columbia University in New York, the American singer-songwriter is influenced by the folk singer tradition of the 1960s and ’70s. In 2012 Marina was proud to release two original EPs, Dogtown and The Tuscan SessionsDogtown, released first, was written and recorded with Marina’s band in Gloucester, MA; The Tuscan Sessions was written and recorded while touring abroad in Italy.
 read more ...

Heather Maloney  [Saturday, April 20, 2013]

Heather Maloney [Saturday, April 20, 2013]

Signed by Signature Sounds record label, Heather has launched her 3rd CD.

Another hardworking, incredibly talented singer-songwriter that issues lyrics with a life all their own,  that dive right through your heart and soul, lovingly sprinkled with poppish/jazzy/cafe-style acoustic music. She'll lift your spirits, make you laugh and leave you in awe of the wonderment of our human condition and the heights to which we can soar.

This is a CD-release house party that you're sure to love.  read more ...

Sarah Blacker  [Saturday, March 30, 2013]

Sarah Blacker [Saturday, March 30, 2013]

We love having Sarah and Sheeeeesh play The Big Room.

Sarah is opening for Rusted Root on March 14 and in January, Sarah opened for Paula Cole at the famous Bull Run in Shirley MA. “One of the reasons that Blacker was a nominee for a Boston Music Award this year is for songs like “Pluggin’ Away;” a new track that should be released on CD in 2013 and is bound to quickly become another in the growing number of fan favorites” - Manchester Examiner

 read more ...

Black Marmot  [Saturday January 26, 2013]

Black Marmot [Saturday January 26, 2013]

Back (finally) is Black Marmot as a full acoustic band and ripping vocals by Linde Clark.
Black Marmot released its debut album “Run Home” in January of 2010 and played The Big Room in April of 2011. Since then the band has been delivering infectious folk rock tunes to crowds throughout New England. 2012 welcomes Black Marmot’s latest album, “The Everyday Seeker” EP. The record finds the band experimenting with ukulele, complicated harmonies, and even the addition of the rare bass VI.
Here to promote their latest EP release, Black Marmot can only be truly experienced live - so drop in and stay for a while. These guys continue to be one of our personal favorites. read more ...

Zak Trojano  [Saturday November 24, 2012]

Zak Trojano [Saturday November 24, 2012]

We're not sure how we stumbled upon Zak Trojano. I think we were looking for complementary musicians for Tom Schena's band. It doesn't matter, though, because his solo album is beautifully crafted from the heart and soul.
Zak had shared the stage with the brilliance of Chris Smither, and if you've ever heard Rusty Belle (an eclectic quartet Zak is a part of), then you know the talent must be overflowing. Please welcome Zak, bared and pared down.

"(Two Lines) is an undeniable record"   — Jeffrey Foucault   (singer/songwriter)
 read more ...

Martin England  [Saturday October 27, 2012]

Martin England [Saturday October 27, 2012]

Martin hails from North Berwick and delivers every time we see him.
Fomerly of Pondering Judd, a prolific New England favorite for over 15 years, Martin served as one of four elements of a whole. Now, doing what is essentially solo work with his album Razed and Reconstructed, Martin ebbs and flows with a tide of amazingly talented local musicians and singer/songwriters (The Reconstructed) - whoever may be up for playing a gig.  See what's on tap for this night - sure, you can see him in a bar with yackity-yacks talking about blah blah blah, OR you can sit quietly and feel every word and phrase as it was meant to be heard. Your choice. No judgment. read more ...

Will Dailey  [Saturday, September 29, 2012]

Will Dailey [Saturday, September 29, 2012]

The Big Room presents an unrivaled Boston-area talent (his band is The Rivals, but they're not playing) Please drum, Dave Brophy. Will doesn't play a whole lot of house concerts, so don't miss this very cool show!

Will is a 2-time winner of the Boston Music Awards for Best Male Singer-Songwriter and has been praised by Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Boston Globe, etc. His music was featured on more than 50 different television shows such as MTV's The Hills, NCIS, 90210, CSI: Miami, Eli Stone, CSI: New York, and they keep coming.

 read more ...

Heather Maloney Duo  [Saturday April 28, 2012]

Heather Maloney Duo [Saturday April 28, 2012]

Dynamic, fun and poignant folk rock music is landing at The Big Room! Don't miss this show or you'll kick yourself in the ass!

Heather was recently honored to be on the cover of Boston's Noise Magazine. The Noise is an amazing independent newspaper dedicated to the promotion of the New England music scene.

 read more ...

Sarah Blacker w/Eran Shaysh [Saturday March 3, 2012]

Sarah Blacker w/Eran Shaysh [Saturday March 3, 2012]

Sarah Blacker is described by her peers as one of the hardest working musicians in New England. And they're not kidding!
She is playing everywhere and anywhere she can, spreading the good word of brilliant music with inspiring lyrics and engaging the audience with personal stories about her songs. Guaranteed to be one of our best shows thus far. read more ...

Tom Schena  [Saturday December 10, 2011]

Tom Schena [Saturday December 10, 2011]

Tom is a local singer/songwriter with earthy vocals and lyrics that bring you back to another lifetime. He's an up-and-coming talent - when he's famous, you can say you saw him live, here at The Big Room!

Katie Daggett
Katie Daggett

Opening for Tom this time is Katie Daggett from the north-of-Portland, ME area where she is a popular draw at the local venues. We appreciate having a Mainer on the ticket!

 read more ...

John Elliott and Jack Wilson  [Saturday October 9, 2011]

John Elliott and Jack Wilson [Saturday October 9, 2011]

John Elliott returns for the second October in a row to perform songs as they come to him. With piano and guitar, he sings in hushed whispers to himself to elevated, soul-crushing cries to the heavens.
Jack WilsonJack Wilson

Jack is from Austin, TX and has the depth and singing style to play alongside John as they travel together for this tour. The two together should prove to be a unique show.

 read more ...

Black Marmot  [Saturday, April 23, 2011]

Black Marmot [Saturday, April 23, 2011]

Found these guys while trolling another house concert in Rye, NH. What an amazing treat! Linde left us wanting more, so we began the journey to check them out live as a full band.

Jeff ConleyEven though Callahan won't be joining Tim, Linde and Mike Z, our new friend, Jeff Conley will play a few of his own songs and accompany them as well. 

This show is in support of their masterfully done full-length debut album Run Home.  read more ...

Jonathan Byrd & David Glaser with Tom Schena [December 10, 2010]

Jonathan Byrd & David Glaser with Tom Schena [December 10, 2010]

Backwoods impresario and all-around amazing story teller, JByrd has been traveling across Europe and the US stringing stories together about life and the road and coming clean to the world.
David Glaser is a weathered and prolific songwriter in his own right, from Maryland. The two together weave story upon story and interact with the audience as if you were sitting on their front porch with a glass of lemonade.
Tom Schena will play a short set to open. read more ...

John Elliott  [November 7, 2010]

John Elliott [November 7, 2010]

Welcome our first house concert performer! Mike and I met John at Steve Mueller's annual backyard blowout a couple months prior and were so impressed that he we invited him to stop up and play for us... God, he said "yes" and off we went. read more ...


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