Darlingside is

Don Mitchell: guitar, banjo, vocals
Auyon Mukharji: mandolin, violin, vocals
Harris Paseltiner: cello, guitar, bass, vocals
David Senft: bass, guitar, percussion, vocals

Darlingside poster 2013

Darlingside is a Massachusetts-based indie folk string quartet with vocal harmonies to fill your soul up just in time for Thanksgiving!

With four distinct voices clustered around a single microphone, their tightly-arranged tunes draw from the unexpected, featuring strains of bluegrass, classical, and barbershop. Accompanied by an arsenal of classical strings, guitars, mandolin, and percussion, these four close friends swap instruments from song to song, keeping audiences across the country on the edge of their seats.

** Mike and I got a chance to see these guys live at Me & Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA with Heather Maloney, who has stated for the record that they are one of her favorite bands, just before they go on a three-week tour to Chicago and Nashville and points in between. To say we were floored is an understatement. Darlingside is fabulously talented, vocally diverse and stronger than a nor'easter. Their arrangements without a drummer, bring the acoustic sound to a level unrivaled thus far because they make percussion sounds everywhere and on anything - stomp board, loose floorboards, tambourine, shakers...

Jaw-dropping is how you will describe this quartet. And humble. And handsome!


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