George Woods

George Woods Nov 21 2015

George Woods’ effervescent lyrics and lighthearted indie folk sounds shine through on his new full-length studio album, “Heartbeat” which drops Summer 2012 in Boston, MA and online. “Heartbeat” features thirteen interwoven tracks, each blending classic grooves with stellar songwriting to guide the listener through a storybook summer soundtrack. The record aims to be relatable, and keep you moving with lush string arrangements, heart felt lyrics, and solid grooving rhythms. Some highlights are tracks like the laughable danceable "Stock In The Stars," or the gospel inspired powerhouse "Marry Me.”

George’s solo project began after the dissolution of his group, Birds In The Woods, a Boston based band that won the 2008 Boston Music Festival, received radio spins at home and abroad, and saw placement in national publications such as Relix Magazine. His first solo EP, “Technicolor Costs Too Much,” released in Summer 2011, was self produced in a makeshift bedroom studio, and put together by hand with a one of a kind packaging. The record was well received by audiences across the northeast and online.

With a tongue in cheek audience rapport, and an energetic stage presence, George's live performances attract wide spread audiences from across Massachusetts. After recording “Heartbeat” at Phase 1 Studios in New York City this past spring, and sharpening his funky sound, George is gearing up for a new fall tour aiming toward introducing his folk-funk sound to all. The tour will help to expand George’s audience throughout the northeast and beyond with the help of some outside the box promotional strategies to leave audiences with great stories to tell and a sing-all-day hook on their lips.

With a tight and engaging live show, stellar songwriting, and a personalized but lovable sound, George Woods’ new record “Heartbeat” is sure to capture the hearts and ears of music fans across the country.


George was recommended by The Ballroom Thieves. We can't pass up such connections, so I dug into his music and was pleasantly surprised to hear something other than folk rock - it's smart and pop-like without being squishy and gooey. I'm really looking forward to a little funky soul in The Big Room. And I'm really looking forward to hearing this man sing live, from his heart. -Nani

George Woods at The Big Room Barrington NH November 21 2015

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