Rusty Belle

Roots-Rock/Junk Folk

Rusty Belle 2013

That's how Rusty Belle describes their music. And it's spot-on. There's no one way to define this band's eclectic mix of so many genres into one solid sound, infused in so many ways into their overall vibe. You have to see, hear and feel them to get it.

Rusty Belle has just released their "third" album, Common Courtesy, now available at all major online outlets and at the show on Saturday.
Come and see why we love these guys so much!

"Common Courtesy" has received some great early press:

"Rusty Belle’s songs include a magnificent fusion of genres from country to rock and blues to 80s pop, creating a smoothie of liquid gold..."  (Culture Fly, UK )  

"A group like Rusty Belle is difficult to pigeonhole. The band’s “roots-rock/junk-folk”—equal parts homespun country, wistful folk, and sweaty garage punk—wastes no time stripping a song down to its bare-naked bones. For “Change My Heart,” the result is a muted, feverish rocker with country-ish phrasing and delicate, soulful harmonies. Oh, and the song’s video, which opens with a painfully awkward date and ends with a costume/dance party, is nothing short of delightful. "  (UTNE Reader)

"Something about the strikingly simplistic charcoal sketches on white cover of Rusty Belle’s Common Courtesy(as well as the band’s name and album title) told me I’d like it and I really do...If I didn’t love these guys before, I sure do after seeing their retro dance aerobic moves."  (

When I listen to Rusty Belle, several things happen: I snap my fingers, grin, play air drums and stomp my feet... I get an urge to go out for barbecue with brother and sister Matt and Kate Lorenz and Zak Trojano. We'll hit a joint with a peanut shell-covered floor where the bourbon comes served in old jelly jars and the jukebox is full of old-time country and western tunes." (Aimsel Ponti, Portland Press Herald)

"These artists put their spirits into every note and lyric..."  (Entertainment Relm)

"The mixing of genres, the interplay between the band members, and their versatile musicianship has given Rusty Belle a unique sound, and with the even more unique tact of not worrying about fitting into a particular place musically for marketing purposes keeps each album fresh and keeps them evolving." (The New York Examiner)

"I can't stop listening to it.  Each time through I say, okay, that's my favorite song ... and then next time I say it for a completely different-sounding song ... and the next time for yet another.  Etc.  This is a very strong recording."  (Vin Scelsa, Sirius XM Radio) 

The Big Room Bootlegs Vol. 16 Rusty Belle "My Life is a Weekend" 10/26/14


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